Our school offers Free Grab and Go Breakfasts for all students so EAT BREAKFAST!!!

Please return all books to Media Center by May 30, 2018.

ATTENTION STAFF & STUDENTS - The 8th grade team is having a ‘Pay to Break the Rules’ day THIS FRIDAY - yes, that’s just 2 days away!  The proceeds will be DONATED to our very own GMS Food Pantry!

You may wear hats, pajamas and/or slippers.  You may also bring a stuffed animal and/or small blanket to school.  It will cost you ONE ($)DOLLAR for every rule you break.  

Remember, what you choose to wear MUST be school APPROPRIATE and if your hat, stuffed animal or blanket become a ‘distraction’ in class, teachers have the right to take them away.  So, BREAK the rules, but stay within the guidelines of those rules, so we can ALL enjoy this special day!

10-12 year olds who are interested in a “Summer of Fun” camp in Grayling on Fridays from June 29 - August 24, please see Mrs. Metiva.



Any 8th grade boys that are interested in playing High School Soccer, there will be a meeting on Thursday, 24 May during your lunch period.  This will take place in the conference room across from the cafeteria.

GRAYLING PADDLING CLUB- Forms are available in the office if you are interested in joining the learn to paddle program or the competitive paddle program.

LITTLE VIKES GOLF- If you are interested in playing Little Vikes golf forms are in the office and you need to sign up by June 1st.

All 6th and 7th grade girls interested in playing Volleyball next fall, there will be a sign up meeting in the back of the media center Tuesday May 29th from 8 am to 8:20 am.

THE VIKING PANTRY – is a resource at GMS for GMS students.  The pantry’s goal is to help students in need through the weekends.    If you’re a student who may need help with supplies or fear of being hungry on the weekend, please inform a staff member that you feel comfortable talking with and let them know.  Arrangements will be made to provide assistance.    This is a confidential program run by volunteers from your GMS staff.   If you would like to contribute to the pantry, we gratefully accept donations of non-perishable food items, hygiene products and household necessities such as toilet paper, laundry detergent and dish soap. Drop boxes are located outside the building's main office. Items can also be dropped off in the office.  This program is run by donations.  Every little bit helps!

Orders for the 2017-18 GMS Yearbook are taken each morning on the gym mezzanine.

HOMEWORK LAB takes place Tuesday through Friday each week (except the last day before a vacation) Homework Lab is in the Media Center and goes from 3:10  to 4:10 PM. All students must be in the Media Center by 3:10 and sign in. Students must stay the entire time and not leave until 4:10. Remember to arrange for a ride home ahead of time as the office is closed at 4:00 (before Homework Lab is over).  Parents need to make arrangements for their child's ride home. THE LAST HOMEWORK LAB IS JUNE 1ST!

CHROMEBOOKS:Students who wish to take their chrome book home, please pick up a self-insurance form in the office. By filling out the insurance form and paying the insurance premium, this will allow students to take their chromebook home. It is the expectation of the school that chromebooks will be brought to school everyday charged and ready to go. Students may pick up a form before school or during their lunch time. Bring the completed form and money to Mrs. Hatfield in the office BEFORE SCHOOL in the morning.

Students are to turn in their Chromebook forms and money to Mrs. Malm BEFORE SCHOOL IN THE MORNING. If you normally go to the gym or Media Center in the morning before school, come to the office and take care of your Chromebook form BEFORE going to your destination. Mrs. Malm processes the Chromebook forms and adds your name to a list she shares with the teachers at 8:20. If you turn yours in after 8:20, you will not be on the list until the next day.

REMINDER TO ALL STUDENT ATHLETES: Sports physicals MUST BE DATED APRIL 15, 2017, OR LATER TO BE VALID for the 2017-18 school year sport activities. Physical forms are available in the office.

STUDENT CELL PHONES: Students are allowed to bring their cell phones to school provided that they are stored in their lockers during classtime. The school district is NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or stolen devices so bring your cell phone or device to school AT YOUR OWN RISK. Students are allowed to use cell phones before school starts, during lunchtime, and after school. Students caught using their device during classtime will have their device taken away. Parents may have to come to the school personally to pick up the device. 

Students:  A huge part of school success is staying organized.  Grayling Middle School does offer agenda books (also known as planners), to students who will use them to write down their assignments, homework, upcoming events, etc.  If you need an agenda book for this school year and will use it, please stop by the Main Office to get yours.  Students will only be allowed one per school year.  

ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: All students must enter school in the morning and leave school after dismissal by the STUDENT ENTRANCE. It is the entrance where the busses drop you off by the flag pole. The entrance by the parking lot is a safe entrance for handicapped students, parents and staff. Any student who uses the doors by the parking lot before school or leaves after dismissal will be made to walk around the building to the proper entrance.

ATTENTION PARENTS: Parents are to drop off and pick up students on Chestnut Street NOT BY THE HANDICAPPED PARKING AREA in the school parking lot. The parking lot by the office is a safe entrance for our handicapped students, parents and staff. Students seen entering through the parking lot entrance will be made to walk around the school building to the proper entrance.

STUDENTS: If you miss your scheduled bus, get on the LAST SCHOOL BUS (left at your building) AND RIDE TO THE GRAYLING ELEMENTARY. You can get off and go to your regular bus at that time.

Have a great day at GMS, where the good stuff is in the middle!