Class of 2017 - Senior Honors Night

The Class of 2017 had 117 graduates: 53% (62) planned to go on to some type of post-secondary training: 4% (5) into military service, 12% (14) to two-year colleges or vocational schools, and 37% (43) to four-year colleges and universities. Their career plans included business, criminal justice, education, engineering, law, medicine, music, nursing, psychology, science and software engineering.


LMC ALL-CONFERENCE ACADEMIC TEAM (This is the eleventh year the Lake Michigan Conference has sponsored an award program to honor top students from the schools in the conference. Each school can nominate up to 12 seniors with the highest scores according to a formula that computed GPA and SAT scores.) 
Connor Beard, Mollie Binert, Alayna Cobb, Cody Creel, Madison Jones, Paige Millikin, Riley Morley, Alyssa Quiñones, Skyler Robison, Spencer White
SUMMA CUM LAUDE (PURPLE CORDS) (GPAs of 3.9 or better)  |
Connor Beard, Mollie Binert, Alayna Cobb, Cody Creel, Easton Farrell, Madison Jones, Molly Leslie, Paige Millikin, Riley Morley, Seth Patterson, Alyssa Quiñones, Skyler Robison, Paige Scheer, Spencer White
MAGNA CUM LAUDE (RED CORDS) (GPAs between 3.7 and 3.899)
Carly Cross, Faith Hamilton, Lyric Leas, Macy Nielson, Brienna Elizabeth Shear, Jennifer Sheehan, Britney Weaver, Dharma Wyskiel 
CUM LAUDE (GREEN CORDS) (GPAs between 3.5 and 3.699)
Bobbie Jo Benson, Dan Elliott, Caleb Fenton, Ashley Haring, Cortney Hickman, Darren Johnston, Danielle Linderer, Dominic Misuraca, Shaun O’Connor, Jacob Proffitt, Erin Prosser, Camden Summers, Troy Summers 
HONOR ROLL STUDENTS (GPAs between 3.0 and 3.499) 
Natalie Amy, Pamela Baggett, Baylee Baker, Jenna Bryan, Mallory Colby, Brandon Davison, Tjerck Dewitt, Koedy Dole, Beau Dutton, Josilyn Gabriel, Pauline Hardacre, Jocelyn Kohnert, Noah Kolka, Sydney Libstorff, Lacey Morse, Charles Nicholson, Megan Oppermann, Hayley Pittman, Emma Prosser, Savannah Putnam, Sam Reinke, Makenna Vanamburg, Kyle Watkins, Jamie Wohn, McKayla Woodward


(GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale and in the 85th percentile or higher in math or reading on a standardized achievement test such as the SAT or ACT)
Connor Beard, Mollie Binert, Alayna Cobb, Cody Creel, Carly Cross, Easton Farrell, Caleb Fenton, Ashley Haring, Madison Jones, Molly Leslie, Danielle Linderer, Paige Millikin, Dominic Misuraca, Riley Morley, Alyssa Quiñones, Skyler Robison, Jennifer Sheehan, Spencer White    


(Completed 1-8 Advanded Placement courses.) 
Baylee Baker, Connor Beard, Bobbie Jo Benson, Mollie Binert, Alanna Bonamie, Jenna Bryan, Alayna Cobb, Mallory Colby, David Comer, Carly Cross, Brandon Davison, Tjerck DeWitt, Koedy Dole, Daniel Elliott, Easton Farrell, Caleb Fenton, Faith Hamilton, Ashley Haring, Courtney Hickman, Madison Jones, Jocelyn Kohnert, Molly Leslie, Sydney Libstorff, Danielle Linderer, Paige Millikin, Dominic Misuraca, Riley Morley, Lacey Morse, Haley Naumiec, Macy Nielson, Shaun O'Connor, Megan Oppermann, Seth Patterson, Hayley Pittman, Hailey Pratt, Jacob Proffitt, Erin Prosser, Alyssa Quiñones, Sam Reinke, Skyler Robison, Paige Scheer, Brienna Shear, Jennifer Sheehan, Cam Summers, Zach Wagner, Britney Weaver, Spencer White


(All Michigan students take a college entrance exam their junior year as part of the Michigan Merit Exam. The Class of 2017 took the SAT for the second time as part of the exam. Those whose total scores equaled 1200 or more receive certificates of merit from the State of Michigan and are eligible for State of Michigan Competitive Scholarships.)
Crystal Armstrong,  Pamela Baggett, Connor Beard, Mollie Binert, Alayna Cobb, Cody Creel, Carly Cross, Daniel Elliott, Easton Farrell, Caleb Fenton, Ashley Haring, Madison Jones, Jocelyn Kohnert, Molly Leslie, Danielle Linderer, Paige Millikin, Dominic Misuraca, Riley Morley, Charles Nicholson, Shaun O'Connor, Seth Patterson, Alyssa Quiñones, Skyler Robison, Paige Sheer, Brienna Shear, Jennifer Sheehan, Spencer White


(Total of $863,500)  
Baker College: Academic Scholarship to Beau Dutton
Central Michigan University: Academic Prestige Award and Maroon & Gold Board of Trustees Award to Mollie Binert, Dan Elliott and Madison Jones, Multi-Cultural Advancement Scholarship to Faith Hamilton, Academic Excellence Award to Mallory Colby and Ashley Haring, Academic Prestige Award, Maroon & Gold Scholarship and Leader Advancement Scholarship to Seth Patterson, Merit Scholarship to Dharma Wyskiel
R. L. Kesseler Family Centralis/Honors Program Award at Central Michigan University: to Paige Millikin (The Centralis is one of CMU’s highest merit-based scholarships awarded to incoming freshmen who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance and extracurricular involvement. The program provides each student with academic preparation, enrichment opportunities and personal development experiences.)
Concordia University: Athletic and Presidential Scholarships to Spencer White
Lake Superior State University: Academic Honors Scholarship to Britney Weaver 
Michigan Technological University: University Student Award and Presidential Achievement Scholarship to Caleb Fenton, Presidential Scholarship to Dominic Misuraca and Presidential Scholars of Distinction Scholarship and University Student Award to Cody Creel
Northern Michigan University: Wildcat Achievement Level IV Scholarship and Kaye-Munson Scholarship to Riley Morley, Wildcat Achievement Level II Scholarship to Shaun O’Connor, NMU Success Award to Hailey Pittman and Wildcat Achievement Level I Scholarship to Troy Summers
Olivet College: Dean’s Scholarship, Veterans' Scholarship and Be More Scholarship to Baylee Baker
Olivet Nazarene University: Olivet Academic Scholarship, ONU Friends of Olivet Scholarship and ONU Marching Band Scholarship to Jennifer Sheehan.
Saginaw Valley State University: President’s Scholarship to Molly Leslie, SVSU Opportunity Grant to Jenna Bryan and Dean’s Scholarship to Carly Cross
Spring Arbor University: Trustee Scholarship and EP Hart Honors Scholarship to Alayna Cobb and Presidential Scholarship to Danielle Linderer
University of Michigan: Alumni Fund Scholarship to Connor Beard, Stamps Scholarship (offered to the 18 most outstanding applicants of each incoming freshman class and covers the full cost of attendance as well as a stipend for study abroad), Regents Merit Scholarship and Joseph Schwink Scholarship to Easton Farrell and U of M H.A.I.L. Scholarship to Alyssa Quiñones
University of Oregon: Oregon Summit Scholarship to Skyler Robison 


(Total of $59,300)
G. Jerome Kesseler Scholarship: Seth Patterson
Loretta Sorenson Kesseler Scholarship: Molly Leslie |
Irv McIsaac /Grayling Country Club Scholarship: Darren Johnston and Riley Morley
Louis Menard Memorial Scholarship: Connor Beard 
Jason Potter Memorial Scholarship: Alayna Cobb and Troy Summers
Dennis Ormsbee Music Scholarship: Seth Patterson
Crawford County United Way (LIVE UNITED!) Community Service Award: Seth Patterson 
Don and Marie Hale Scholarship: Mollie Binert and Jacob Proffitt
American Legion Post 106 Award: Molly Leslie, Shaun O’Connor and  Britney Weaver 
American Legion Auxiliary Post 106 Award: Britney Weaver
Peter Horton Scholarship: Carly Cross and Britney Weaver
Grayling Lions Club Scholarship: Beau Dutton and Darren Johnston 
Order of the Eastern Star Chapter 83 Scholarship: Riley Morley and Paige Scheer 
CAEEF Joseph and Faith Stripe Memorial Scholarship: Carly Cross
CAEEF Alumni Association Scholarship in Honor of Clara Sorenson: Alayna Cobb
CAEEF/CASD Alumni Foundation Scholarship: Jenna Bryan and Dharma Wyskiel 
Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 264 Scholarship: Molly Leslie
Grayling AuSable Football League Scholarship: Beau Dutton
ARICM Committee Scholarship: Molly Leslie 
Benjamin Henig M.D. Memorial Scholarship: Riley Morley
Grayling Kiwanis Club General Fund Scholarship: Connor Beard
Myrtle Wright Miller Scholarship: Spencer White 
Howard “Whitey” Madsen Memorial Scholarship: Mallory Colby 
Crawford County Deputy Sheriff’s Association Scholarship: Macy Nielson 
American Red Cross Blood Services High School Scholarship: Sydney Libstorff 
Crawford AuSable School District Scholarship: Mollie Binert 
National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship: Britney Weaver 
Grayling Hospital Medical Staff Healthcare Scholarship: Riley Morley 
Rotary Club Academic Scholarship: Connor Beard, Molly Leslie, Riley Morley and Paige Scheer 
Burger King Scholars Programs Scholarship: Alyssa Quiñones
Frederick and Evelyn Foundation Scholarship Award from the Gleaner Life Insurance Society: Alayna Cobb 
Georgia-Pacific Foundation Scholarship: Riley Morley
Kodiak Group Scholarship: Carly Cross
Grayling Generating Station Scholarship: Riley Morley

Roy O. Milnes Award:

Seth Patterson